The choice of truck tires is a responsible event. The planned operating conditions, the budget allocated for such purposes are taken into account. At the same time, the rubber must remain durable and reliable. It is important to know thoroughly the features of the vehicle to be serviced, to understand the different categories of the described products, its marking. But if the only way out is to sell your car for scrap, it makes no sense to buy for not new rubber. It is better to apply to this company: https://towingandscrapcarremoval.ca/heavy-machinery-removal/.

Differentiation, taking into account the purpose of the vehicle

There are universal cars and narrowly focused. In the latter case, you cannot do without rubber with certain properties. So, long-distance transportation, moving are used tires of the “slicks” type. Their main characteristics are:

increased load-carrying capacity;
fuel efficiency.
In case of regional routes it is better to use products with extensive drainage system. As for the tires operated in the city conditions, they are close to the regional ones in terms of functionality. They are equipped with multi-directional drainage gutters, separately located blocks.

Industrial tires used in agriculture are characterized by high durability, tread pattern, resistance to various damages. Their “herringbone” pattern is capable of self-cleaning.

Types of truck tire treads

When selecting tires, the terrain on which the equipment will move should be taken into account. On this basis, models are selected:

with road tread;
with a design of universal type.
In the first case, the depth of pattern is small, there are no grousers. Such tires are designed to operate on the highway, asphalt.

Off-road type rubber is equipped with embossed and very large blocks, there are grousers. They don’t slip and don’t skid during passage on snow, mud, are appropriate for agricultural machinery, logging trucks.

The third type is universal, it is designed for the terrain with extreme conditions and for the ground cross-country ability, highway. The main part of such tires is represented by road tread, which is supplemented with grousers. Such tread is not economical, as it increases fuel consumption on a level terrain, while it is rough on harsh off-road terrain.

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