The hybrid SUV of the present – the new RAV4

Choosing a new car is never easy. The modern market offers many options. Luxury sedans, family minivans, SUVs, youth small cars… or the extremely popular modern parkettes, which harmoniously combine many features of other classes. What does the popular brand from the Land of the Rising Sun have to offer?

Official dealer offers a new RAV4 – a model, the popularity of which has not weakened for fifteen years. And the popularity of auto recycling services is also not going away:

Engines RAV4 – as powerful as never before hybrid

New Toyota RAV4 is fast. The results speak for themselves: 8.1 seconds to 100 km / h in a full-sized family SUV at a reasonable price, which weighs more than a ton and a half – an excellent result. And it’s all thanks to a new, more powerful and improved 2.5-litre, naturally aspirated hybrid petrol system. In the 4×4 drive variant with 222 hp you can accelerate to a hundred in just 8 seconds. So far, the RAV4 has not been this strong in the European offering. There’s also a front-wheel-drive version of the hybrid that has 218 horses and is slightly – 0.3 seconds – slower. 

The engine of the new Toyota RAV4 can also be a 2-liter gasoline engine with 173 hp combined with a 6-speed manual transmission and a variator automatic transmission. However, there will no longer be a diesel unit. This is a conscious step, because Toyota is gradually saying goodbye to engines of this type. And not surprisingly, as it has finalized hybrids – strong, economical.

Toyota RAV4 on a mountain road.

This is a family SUV that drives perfectly.

However, sprinting to a hundred is not enough. Toyota’s engineers also made sure that the car would corner well. Therefore they have based RAV4 design on absolutely new TNGA platform, already known, among other things, from C-HR model. As a result, the car is lighter, has a lower center of gravity, almost perfect weight distribution and a 57% stiffer structure, which is connected to the wheels with a multi-lever suspension. The effect? The Toyota RAV4 is great not only on the highway, but also on narrow, winding roads. The new RAV4 steers confidently, responds well to steering wheel movements and doesn’t tip over in corners.

Toyota RAV4 – will go far.

Both the hybrid and purely gasoline-powered Toyota RAV4 are available with 4×4 drive. Buyers have a four-wheel-drive hybrid, which many have thoroughly field-tested. Really solid. Here, too, the car is astonishing in its capabilities. Despite its road tires, it braves the swampy mud, tackling large potholes and rocks. No help from the Land Cruiser was required. This is due to the new AWD-i drive that Toyota uses in the RAV4 with a hybrid system. Like the previous generation of the car, the system also lacks a driveshaft, and an independent electric motor is responsible for driving the rear axle. In addition, the system sends up to 80% of the torque to it. And when the situation is really heavy, it can leave the wheel without traction and transfer torque to the wheel that is in good contact with the ground. It is worth to add that the new generation has 10 mm more ground clearance, though the car is lower in general.

RAV4 dimensions – SUV for the family

Dimensions of the new Toyota RAV4 are also interesting. With each generation, the Toyota SUV became more and more spacious. The same is true for its latest generation. But a curious fact – the car is 10 mm lower and 5 mm shorter than its predecessor. Other dimensions of RAV4 have increased – width by 10 mm, and wheelbase by 30 mm. Despite the smaller length and height, the new generation clearly has more space inside. The figures speak for themselves. The width of the car in the rear seat has increased by 40 mm, in addition to the passengers who travel there now have 49 mm more leg room. The trunk space, which has increased by 79 liters and is now as much as 580 liters, is undoubtedly the car’s strong point. 

Toyota has introduced cars in the higher trim level. At this level, the car can offer ventilated seats, 360 camera system, 5 USB ports, blind spot monitoring system in mirrors and heated rear seats. An interesting solution is the digital rear-view mirror, which allows you to see what is happening behind the car, even when the driver is driving with the trunk full to the roof. Never before has a Toyota car offered such a solution.

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