PTO shaft repair and replacement: by yourself or in a service center?

In the process of using the car, parts of the driveshaft wear out and need to be replaced. Some motorists try to make the repair themselves. This is a wrong decision, because the replacement requires experience, a garage, an inspection pit, an elevator, a tool kit, assistants and free time.

If you don’t have all that, cardan replacement can be delayed for a long time. It is also necessary to understand the details in order to pick up the right size parts. Much more advantageous and faster to contact the specialists of the service center Motor Technology.

For many years the specialists of the center successfully repair and replace cardan shafts for different makes and models of cars. If the repair is needed urgently, it is better to come immediately to the center and bring your car to the experts. In urgent cases there is always a free box and auto locksmith narrow specialization. If the driveshaft and other major parts of the car are in disrepair, it is easier, faster and more profitable to recycle the car:

What are the advantages of replacing the cardan in the service center?

For car enthusiasts, the service center has many advantages. For repairs, specialists use only new and original spare parts. There are hundreds of components in stock for different car brands, so there are no delays with the repair. The center works without intermediaries, so the prices for services are much lower than market prices. Among the main advantages are:


high service;




affordable price.

Immediately after inspection and diagnostics, specialists proceed to repair. During this time, the client can wait in a comfortable and cozy rest area. If you wish, you can watch the mechanics at work. Personal manager accompanies the repair at all the stages. Therefore, the quality of service is at the highest level.

What kinds of services are rendered at the service center?

Their customers specialists provide all kinds of services related to repair and replacement of cardan shaft: changing crosses with locking pins in passenger cars and commercial vehicles, putting a new cross with a core and increased core more than 31 mm. If necessary, carry out replacement of the universal joint shaft, the casing of the joint and restore the landing places of the cross.

They also perform balancing of 2, 3 and 4 pillar driveshafts in cars and commercial vehicles. Services also include cardan restoration and making a new cardan. The list and number of services depends on the condition of the cardan and the upcoming amount of work. This specialists determine this after examining the vehicle.

The price of all services are listed in the catalog and after the repair is completed does not change. The cost depends on the make of the car, type of cardan shaft, complexity of the breakage, cost and number of parts that need to be changed. For regular customers there are advantageous discounts.

If there are problems with the cardan of the car, you should not try to repair it yourself. This can lead to a complete failure of parts and components. It is much more advantageous to immediately contact the service center Motor Technology. Experienced specialists will perform all the work quickly and efficiently. Requests online are accepted 24 hours a day.

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