Fuel injectors: principle of operation, malfunctions, flushing of fuel injectors

A modern car is a complex system of various equipment and processes running in it. Well-adjusted and verified mechanism of operation of each detail and each element in the aggregate gives what every motorist values – quality operation of the car.

It is not a secret that the fuel system and injection system is the main factor influencing quality movement of the car, where injectors play the leading role. If the injectors, and along with them other major auto parts are damaged, consider scrapping the auto: https://towingandscrapcarremoval.ca.

Operation of fuel injectors

The injection system is constructed as follows. The oxygen injection flowing into the engine combustion chamber triggers a pulse to the vehicle’s computer. As the signal passes through, the machine analyzes the amount and temperature of the incoming oxygen, the speed of the crankshaft, the engine temperature and the degree of opening of the throttle.

The analysis is followed by a return pulse sent to the injectors, which inject the required amount of fuel into the chamber. This type of fuel supply to the engine is confidently replacing the previously common carburetor method. There are several reasons for this, and the main ones are fuel economy, increased engine power and efficiency, as well as the environmental component.

The presented principle of operation of the injector is very simple in the description, but even based on it you can determine the importance of the smooth operation of this element for the entire car. The main problems in the work of this part arise from its contamination and, as a consequence, the inability to deliver the required amount of fuel to the combustion chamber.

Signs of dirty fuel injectors

Difficulties with starting the car engine, increased fuel consumption, loss of engine power and reduction and speed of revs when pressing the fuel (gas) pedal, unstable work at idle revolutions – all these symptoms are caused by contamination of injectors.

The process of contamination of injectors occurs as a result of formation of deposits of fuel impurities in them. Sulfur and other components of modern fuel are deposited on fine filters, located in the injectors themselves.

Another important cause of clogging of this element of the injection system is the formation of oils and their hardening on the fuel injection elements of injectors. This process occurs due to evaporation of light fractions of fuel after the engine is finished and the fuel supply is stopped. The fuel elements left in the injectors after the evaporation process and form this fouling. These two reasons affect the process of clogging, and sometimes clogging of injectors.

Nozzle flushing and cleaning

How to perform nozzle cleaning, and is it possible to do it yourself? In order not to pay a decent amount of money for the maintenance of these parts, you need to initially take care of the cleanliness and smooth operation of your injection system. One of the leading ways to prevent contamination of injectors is to add special liquids to the gas tank. By mixing with the fuel in the gas tank, the active elements of the liquid enter the injection system.

Passing through the injectors, these elements interact with deposits in the channels and cause their destruction, removing them together with the incoming fuel. This method is quite simple, but is more suitable for preventive maintenance and cars with low mileage. In more serious cases, it is necessary to resort to the help of equipment specifically designed for this purpose.

In the case of severe contamination and the impossibility of cleaning it with liquids (solvents), cleaning of injectors is done with a compressor. Such mobile unit is connected to the nozzles without disassembling them, and under the pressure of the air blown by the compressor, it gives the appropriate solution to the parts. At the same time, the fuel drain of the gas tank is plugged. This process is quite easy and will not cause difficulties for the average motorist who does not have special education, but has a general idea about the structure of this system.

When dismantling nozzles use a special stand, which produces cleaning by impact on them with ultrasound. This method of cleaning at home is difficult because it requires a special workplace and a large monetary investment. This method is usually used in service stations.

The money spent pays off quickly, as there is no shortage of people who need this service. The quality of our gasoline makes the need for cleaning injectors quite frequent. The ultrasonic stand not only cleans the parts, but can also diagnose their condition. This cleaning process is controlled, and it is necessary when chemical cleaning is powerless because it removes dirt deposits in the hardest to reach places.

Take a timely approach to maintenance of your car. And remember, it’s easier to prevent disease than to treat it.


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