Anti-impact tinting to protect car windows

Today no one is surprised by tinting and cars for money near me. You won’t be surprised by cars for scrap near me either. Car owners choose such tuning to make their car look stylish and to protect the interior from ultraviolet light and prying eyes. But what if you take a film with enhanced protection, which in addition to the usual functions, will also prevent the destruction of glass from the impact? This car tinting film (price depends on the chosen brand) will be an excellent protection against hooligans, intruders and will save things left in the cabin.

Anti-shock tinting – 2 in 1: the film protects from the sun and strengthens the glass. This coating will make the glass surface less fragile, creating the effect of armor. But should the ordinary film be replaced with the anti-shock one? A question that worries many drivers. Let’s consider it in detail.

How will the installation of the tinting anti-shock film help?

Tinting anti-shock material is suitable for gluing flat and convex glass surfaces. The film comes in different kinds: transparent, metallized (mirror), colored. The coating is elastic, well drawn, does not leave folds or creases during installation.

There are 5 main advantages of anti-shock tinting:

1. no injury when breaking glass. Of course, if you hit the glass with a hammer for a long time, it will be damaged, but the shards will remain on the sticky surface of the film coating. The glass itself is kept in the frame, preserving the integrity of the window system. If you believe the statistics, when you install anti-shock protective films, the damage to the glass is reduced by 80%. Such tinting film will protect from impact by a body or solid object, explosion.
2. Preservation of the salon’s natural colors. The coating consists of several layers, which effectively reflect solar energy. Up to 97% of the sun’s rays remain outside the vehicle. The upholstery, panels and other interior components won’t fade, keeping your car looking great for longer.
3. well-being of the driver and passengers. Tinting creates a pleasant coolness inside the cabin in summer and retains heat in winter. No stuffiness and “greenhouse effect”. The temperature is comfortable even for long trips. Choose the light transmission level according to your preferences: from 5% (black) to lighter tones.
Budget savings. It is better to buy 2-in-1 anti-shock film than to buy two different materials that together will give the same effect. If your windows are already tinted, it is better to remove the old film completely and wrap the surface again. For the best result, ask for help from an expert.
5. Make your car look solid. A car with tinted windows looks impressive. Such car stands out from the others with its presentability. A variety of colors of anti-shock tinting allows you to pick up a covering in the color of the car body or, on the contrary, to make an accent on contrast.
Reinforcing your car windows with anti-shock toning film, you will provide safety for yourself and your valuables inside your car. You may even leave your car unguarded while you are parked.

An anti-shock car tinting film, the price of which varies depending on the brand, combines all the qualities of tinting and armor coating. Such material is durable, not afraid of scratches and chips. To make the right choice when buying a tinting film, always listen to the advice of a consultant.

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