These recommendations are intended for those who want to gain knowledge in a driving school and independently, without outside help, pass the exam for obtaining a driver’s license. First of all, you need to decide which category of rights you need, so that it doesn’t happen that you got them, and you can’t transport cargo on a trailer, because you need another category. You will read more about this on this site, and we proceed to discuss the topic of the article, assuming that you have already figured out the categories. And find out more about scrap my car etobicoke only from professionals.

1. Regularly attend theoretical and practical classes.

No matter how banal it may sound, but in the classroom you get knowledge that you will then use in the future. Get a notebook and take notes on the theory, at home repeat the material you have passed according to the summary and the textbook on traffic regulations. In practice classes, follow the recommendations of the instructor and conscientiously perform all the exercises that will develop your skill of driving a vehicle.

2. Solve tests according to the rules of the road.

Even if you know the rules of the road by heart, but you will solve a test ticket for the first time, it is unlikely that you will do it successfully. The fact is that the test tasks are formulated quite specifically. For example, the figure shows the towing of cars, and the question is whether this type of towing is allowed in icy conditions?

The method of towing is not mentioned, and the examinee should guess from the picture of the size of three by four centimeters of boxes, which method of towing the author of the question had in mind. There are a lot of questions that you just need to remember the answers to.

Therefore, it is necessary to regularly solve test tasks online on the official website or on the app on your phone, and very soon the questions will begin to repeat themselves, and you will begin to remember the correct answers to them.

3. Do not believe the stories that it is impossible to pass the exam without financial support.

Previously, the theoretical part of the exam was passed in a locally installed program on a computer. Naturally, the examiner had the key to this program and could make it work in such a way that any accepted answer was considered incorrect, and the examinee had almost no chance of an honest assessment of the result. Now the exam is held online through a central server, and your answers are accepted by a computer with the correct logic and gives you a really correct exam result. So everything is in your hands.

4. Be ready to retake the exam.

During the exam, you will most likely be prevented by the excitement of showing your knowledge and successfully passing the exam the first time. Do not worry, because after

5 days you have every right to retake the exam, and then again and again…The number of attempts to pass the theoretical exam is unlimited, the only condition is a break of 5 days between attempts and a meager contribution of the state

 fee. The situation is the same with the practical exam. Although it is taken by a person, not a computer, overcoming the excitement and clearly performing what you were taught in the classroom, from the second or maximum from the third time you will achieve results.

5. Be ready to make an effort, and spend time on training.

As well as achieving any goal, obtaining a driver’s license requires an application of effort and time. If, for example, the father sends his daughter, and the husband sends his wife to auto courses with the words: “Go study, you will take me home when I have a drink at a party. But I will not give money for the exam, take it yourself – I passed everything myself, ” then it is unlikely that in this case you can count on a successful exam. Well, if you want to become a full-fledged road user, you are ready to make efforts and efforts, then everything will work out for you!

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